August 30, 2021: We are 435 days from the 2022 mid-term elections. There are 435 members of the U.S. House of Representatives. Each of them is serving a two-year term. Way too many of them have served way too many terms. The original intent of the position of Congressperson was to go to Washington for two years in service of your country and to represent the interests of your home district and then return to your regular life. Over the last 200+ years, it has morphed into a career fixated on acquisition of power and personal enrichment.

Welcome to Fresh435—a site dedicated to creating as much turnover and fresh perspective in the House as possible. Over the next 435 days, we will highlight those who have been in place too long, focusing especially on any Representative who has served three or more terms. You can find them in our Overstayer Profiles section. We will deliver information ranging from their voting records to the makeup of their donor base to their changes in net worth since taking office and much, much more. We will focus on who is running against them and try to boost awareness of those candidates.

We will do this in a non-partisan fashion, as overstaying their welcome is rampant in both parties. As of the ’22 mid-terms, two-thirds of the House will have been in place for six years or more (156 Democrats, 128 Republicans). Implementation of term limits is highly unlikely, so it is on voters to impose them at the ballot box. We hope to influence that in some small fashion, and we hope you join us along the way. Thanks for visiting, come back soon, and please fill out our one-question survey before you go.